4.20.07 You Say Party! We Say Die!

Punk / New Wave

Partial official description: "Vancouver's resident dance-punk savants You Say Party! We Say Die' are a catalyst on the edge of a scene brimming towards explosion; hybridized, mechanized, philosophizing machines that have learned self-awareness and found their soul.

They're among us, androids slowly infiltrating all of our most trusted institutions. Today the dance-punk scene. Tomorrow the Capital. Start hoarding supplies."

They just released their new album 'Lose All Time' (Paper Bag Records). Listen to some of the new music right now!

4.19.07 New Blonde Redhead

Indie / Alternative

'23' out now!

Official message: "Blonde Redhead's last album - 'Misery Is A Butterfly' - established them once and for all as one of the most distinctive and precious bands of their generation.

2007 sees them return with something even more spellbinding, '23'. Recorded and produced by the band in New York City during the second half of last year, they drafted in Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio) to engineer it while mixing duties were shared by Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Killers, Nine Inch Nails) and Rich Costey (Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Bloc Party)." - 4AD

4.18.07 Two Great Bands To Check Out

Indie / Alternative / Rock
Hails from: Berlin, Germany
Most recent release: 'Bending The Willow' ('06)

Spirits In Ambience
Ambient / Electronica / Gothic
Hails from: Los Angeles, CA
Most recent release: 'Momentos' ('05)

4.17.07 Introducing Kim Novak

Indie / Pop / Rock

Official band description: "From France, the four members of Kim Novak, haunted by diversified influences such as indie pop, soul music and classic rock, manage to combine a melodic, groovy and electric setlist."

Official message: "First lp 'Luck and Accident' (Talitres Records) available."

We're looking forward to hearing the whole album because we sure love the 3 tracks we've heard from it: 'Swallow', 'Around Your Neck', and especially 'Lost At Play'.

4.16.07 Out Now: UB40's 'Under the Influence'

"Influenced by the many Blues parties they attended as teenagers in the multiracial Birmingham, UB40's recordings were inspired by early 70's reggae and classic soul, songs that would have otherwise been forgotten in the public eye.

Those influences are ever present on this superb 18 track collection. UB40 have dug deep to bring you the very best in dub, reggae and soul from such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, U Roy, Gregory Isaacs and Black Uhuru, to mention just a few." -

4.13.07 The Godfathers Told Us First!

On April 10th, we shared this official Peter Coyne message with you: "You might be interested to learn that The Godfathers' debut album 'Hit By Hit' will be reissued later this year in an expanded format."

In an official email today we were told, "By the way Babble & Beat are the 1st in the world to find out about this re-issue - so you can consider that news 100% exclusive!!!" - Peter Coyne of The Godfathers

We've always loved these guys so we're bouncing off the walls right now.

4.12.07 New Neils Children

Post punk / Psychedelic / New Wave

Official bulletin: "Our new single 'You Didn't Care' is now added to the profile for your listening pleasure. Show your doomed lovers support to us by adding it to your profile!"

"The single will be out June 2007 with exclusive B-Sides, followed by our first full length long-player 'POP:AURAL' in May. Both on 30:30 Recordings." - Neils Children

We LOVE their sound! You need to check them out!

4.11.07 Gliss

Indie / Experimental / Pop

Partial official description: "Gliss is a band of three, we come from all over the world. David, Martin and Victoria. When we get in a room together we create vibe."

Per their website, "Gliss was plucked out of a local residency at one of the hippest clubs in their hometown of Los Angeles to join (Billy) Corgan on his European tour in May 2005 and didn't return to the States until March 2006, where they debuted new songs at the SXSW Music Festival. They returned with a fierceness their fans had not yet seen and a bond that was unbreakable."

We love their music and especially their latest song, 'Gimme The Hit'. Check it out.

4.10.07 Deer Tick

Rock / Country / Americana

Partial official description: "Deer Tick is the songwriting project or band (depending on how you look at it) of John McCauley. Thanks to the help of dear friend, near brother, Brendon "Viking Moses" Massei, Deer Tick has been ferociously zig-zagging across the United States, hitting all the sparsely attended basement shows, smokey bars, upscale joints, small to medium size festivals, and everything in between, since April of 2005."

Deer Tick has some great tunes! We especially like their songs, 'Standing at the Threshold', 'Art Isn't Real', and 'Baltimore Blues No. 1'. They're currently on a major tour and will likely coming to a town near you soon. They'll be hitting Wisconsin this July.

Official statement: "May - 'War Elephant' comes out. Full length album of hi-fi Deer Tick. Plus new t-shirts, the classic Calvin peeing on "Deer Tick" and a new one, an altered Dead Kennedys logo that now reads "DT"." - John

4.9.07 Gallows - Limited Posters

Punk / Rock

Official message: "Less than one hundred of these posters are in existence. Designed and screenprinted by Dan Mumford they come signed and numbered. If you wish to buy one there are a few left over from our sold out 100 Club show in London.

4.6.07 Rock N Rolling Dog

Pop / Indie

Rolling Dog's debut single is scheduled for an April 23rd release. It will be available as a 7" and a limited edition download. Single: 'Fire! Fire! Fire!' B-Side: 'Aliigators'.

The single is fantastic, pure genious! Check it out.

4.5.07 New Dntel

Electronica / Indie

Official message: "Jimmy Tamborello makes music under the names of James Figurine, with Ben Gibbard & Jenny Lewis as The Postal Service, and also as Dntel. Jimmy has made a Dntel album for Sub Pop and it comes out on April 24th, 2007. (It may be of some interest to you that Kelly Clarkson, Captain Sensible, and Eric Bogosian were all born on this day. Or maybe not.)"

4.4.07 Nine Black Alps

Rock / Alternative / Indie

Official bulletin: "Here it is, the video we made for you. It's us recording our 2nd album in the studio. Watch it now, listen to the home demos we put on top of the video, and think about what it all means. Yes yes yes. So here you go." - Nine Black Alps

4.3.07 Peter Andersson

Peter Andersson's 'Music for Film and Exhibition' DCD:

Official message: "Peter Andersson from the Cold Meat Industry act raison d?etre now presents his sound work for film and exhibition, spanning through the years 1999 to 2006. Peter has been working on several film and exhibition projects, some of these projects never went to final completion but the music was composed in almost all the cases.

'Music for Film and Exhibition' presents a broad spectrum of the sounds and music capabilities of Peter Andersson and those familiar with any of his different music projects including raison detre, Necrophorus, Atomine Elektrine, Bocksholm, etc. will most probably enjoy this double album very much." - Cold Meat Industry

4.2.07 New From The Concretes

Pop / Indie / Rock

Official message: "Folks folks folks! Our long anticipated release 'Hey Trouble' (OK, we do not know about you but we have personally been anticipating this release for some time now so any way statement holds true) will be out in Sweden day after tomorrow (April 4). Get it from any decent record store or from our Licking Fingers web shop, either as a CD or as a download." - Neverending love from The Concretes

3.30.07 Technica Projections


Official description: "Technica Projections is the creative force currently driving digital music production to a new level. While establishing a key element within the electronica popular culture in the journey that will define and inspire music lovers everywhere.

The distinctive impact of Technica Projections artistry and craftsmanship is already imprinted across the globe through our own musical explorations. While progressing well ahead of the curve in digital sound composition and programming."

3.29.07 Check Out The Phenomenauts

Rockabilly / New Wave / Punk

Official partial description: "The Phenomenauts are contacting you from the future. To make a long story short, Professor Greg has been practicing his video gaming skills on the Timewasterator. After beating the 1981 Capcom game "GALAGA", the screen went black and then red and then black again. That's when we were sucked into the Timewaisterator and transported into the future..."

Their songs 'Mission' and 'I Am Robot' are especially kick ass. Call me crazy but when I hear 'I Am Robot' I think of the Screaming Blue Messiahs mixed with The Doors.

3.28.07 Mason Proper

Pop / Experimental / Indie

"In a musical landscape that's more defined by geography and its accompanying aesthetics, Mason Proper are undoubtedly black sheep. While Detroit's renown is undeniable and connotatively defiant and eccentric, the area of Northern Michigan where more than half the band is from resembles a vast, frigid expanse of rural America.

The groups' shrill layers of barren, beautiful white sonic indulgences might give you some idea of the home territory, but their compulsively unhinged backbeat, ecstatic guitars, and beautifully charming and surprising pop arrangements recall a more blissful and sharp disposition." - Dovecoat Records

These guys are fantastic! We listened to a few definitely recommend giving them a listen. We especially enjoyed their songs 'Chemical Dress Eliza', 'Miss Marylou Carreau', and 'Blue Lips Eternal Inquiry'.

Their debut album, 'There Is A Moth In Your Chest' is out now.

3.27.07 Blind Divine

Electronica / Down-tempo / Trip Hop

Official message: "You can catch the music of Blind Divine in the History Channel's, 'Last Stand of the 300,' which dramatically recreates the most famous last stand in history next to Custer, the last stand of 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae."

Airs on March 30th.

3.26.07 Running Merch Shops - Our Babble

Many bands are selling their merchandise themselves these days. For example, thousands of official band websites and MySpace pages offer a Paypal link for making purchases or a street address to send payment. This is a fantastic idea of course, if the band is organized and has the time to deal the sale (which also includes the important step of shipping to the customer).

Most often we've purchased merch this way quite successfully! However, we've also been waiting for loads of cds we paid for to arrive. In one case, we made a donation to a musician that promised that "everyone who makes a donation will get a signed cd when it's available." We sent a check and it's long been cashed. The cd has been out for several months, yet no signed cd, no cd period!

In another case we purchased $50 worth of merch from a band offering limited edition, signed items. That was August 2006 - nothing has been received. Not to mention, their Paypal account is now closed. Sadly, there are a few more examples but you get the idea.

What do all of our merchandise issues have in common? No response to emails inquiring on the status (we had no problems getting responses to questions prior to sending the money) AND no refunds.

Can you buy merch from a band? Yes! Just be wise and know that there may be a time where you take a loss.

On a related note. I wanted to mention that bands should be aware of their Paypal status too. For example, a fairly well-known musician's website has a online merch shop with a Paypal link. When you click to purchase it says, "This recipient is currently unable to receive money." So, because he's not as involved as he should be (with the merch shop he's running) he's losing sales and would likely be horrified to know that people are getting that message.

3.23.07 The Waterboys On Wikipedia

Official message: "Mike Scott has written an article on his experience with The Waterboys' wikipedia page for the Guardian newspaper in the UK. It is published in today's (Friday 23 March) Film and Music supplement."

Mike attempted (and succeeded in the end) to edit some false Waterboys information on Wikipedia and, well, it got interesting. A very interesting read!

3.22.07 New Kamelot

Fantasy / Metal / Rock

Kamelot's new release, 'Ghost Opera', is up for release in the U.S. on June 5th (Europe on June 4th)!

Official message: "'Ghost Opera' was recorded and mixed at Gate Studios and Pathway Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany with producers Sascha Paeth and Miro. Artwork was handled by Mattias Noren with contributions by Alexandra V. Bach, Liliana Sanchez and Derek Gores.

A limited-edition digipack version of the CD will include the bonus cut 'The Pendulous Fall' along with a bonus DVD containing the video for the album's title track, 'Ghost Opera', shot by director Ivan Colic of Serbia's ICode Team as well as the making of the 'Ghost Opera' video. The Limited Edition will contain a special extended booklet as well.

SPV records will release a strictly limited single CD of 'Ghost Opera' to be handed out to fans attending the European Tour in March, April and May 2007."

3.21.07 Our Babble - Parody & Elevators

Political / Apple Computers parody (introducing, the 'iRack'):

Opposed to the war? You'll enjoy. Not opposed? Ignore the link below.
And don't send us hate mail!

I'm just curious, many don't seem to agree with me... Isn't it much more productive to allow people to get off of an elevator before you get on? Of course, I've been wrong before...

3.20.07 Lacuna Coil's Christina & Megadeth

Official message: "Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) recently collaborated with Megadeth for an updated version of their song 'A Tout Le Monde' and we caught some behind the scenes footage on the set of the video shoot!

Photos from the Megadeth video shoot for "A Tout Le Monde 2007" featuring Cristina Scabbia posted on our BLOG!!!"

3.19.07 The Rakes Release Ten New Messages

Official message: "The Rakes' new album 'Ten New Messages' is out today! The album includes the single 'We Danced Together'. It's available to buy in all good shops, or online at or"

Official statement: "We've been really chuffed with the response our live shows and album have been getting (even the pint glass), really appreciate everyone's support - couldnt of done it without you guys!!! so thanks alot!!! Big love going out there.

We're really having a ball now - feels like things are taking off after all our hard work - v gratifying. Schweetas.... bo! I'm off to bed now - seeya!" Alan Rake

3.16.07 As Tall As Lions

Indie / Ambient / Rock

Official message: "As Tall As Lions are excited to play these shows -- we think they will be some of our best performances to date, hopefully you can join us!

If you live in Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pomona, or San Francisco, you need to BUY TICKETS NOW, they are very close to selling out already.

We will also be doing autograph signings at select shows. **Marks the shows we will be doing autograph signings, so bring your babies so we can hit em with a sharpie." Hmmm, I wonder what they mean by "babies!"

3.15.07 Prosser

Indie / Down-tempo / Acoustic

Official description: "Prosser is a band from Seattle, WA, fronted by Eric Woodruff (formerly of Bellingham spacerock band Delay). The self-titled debut CD was originally released October 2006 on Clickpop Records, and will be re-released March 13th, 2007 on Clickpop/SpinART."

We especially love their songs 'Today' and 'Met A Girl'. Also check out 'A Worthy Seed' and 'Get Gone'.

3.14.07 TAB-D

Punk / Acoustic

"Songs about: diseases, madness, mind control, capitalist conspiracies, funny stuff... life, the universe, everything..."

TAB-D rocks, tots!!! It's no wonder 'cuz you got Rob Haynes from Goldblade (and we all love Goldblade!), Bill Marten - formerly of Inca Babies, and Boz Hayward - formerly of Flea and The Incinerators (later known as The Violators). Oh, and all these guys were in Houndgod, or was it Houndgod with a Tumor, too.

Check out their songs, 'It's Better Not Too...', the killer 'Russian Spy', and the hysterical 'English Eccentric'.

The short and tragic life of Boz's cousin inspired their song 'Failure To Thrive'.

3.13.07 Have You Heard Colorama?

Alternative / Folk / Pop

Partial official description: "Colorama aka Carwyn Ellis is a Welsh artist who has performed or collaborated with, among others, Oasis, Edwyn Collins, UNKLE, Shane MacGowan and the North Mississippi Allstars. Colorama's music represents a cross-cultural collage of musical stylings, combining intimate, uplifting song writing with inspired and often eclectic arrangements, informed by a diverse array of musical genres."

We love their fresh style! We're especially enjoying their songs, 'The Sound', 'The Inevitable', and 'Stations'. Listen to these tunes now.

Welcome To BABBLE & BEAT!

This magazine was an April of 2006 brainchild and we officially launched in July. We're simply a few music enthusiasts who are based in Wisconsin. PLEASE READ: WHY WE LOOK LIKE THIS.

What we listen to is dictated by our ever-changing moods. Hence, we cover Goth, Pop, Punk, Folk, Acoustic, New Wave, Industrial, Electronic, Rock, Indie, Metal, and more. However, you won't find straight country, jazz, classical, rap, blues, or hip hop here.

PREFER A PRINTED VERSION? Go ahead and print it. Give one to a friend even. Just don't profit from it or use our copyrighted text & photos.


4.20.07 And *BOOM* Things Change Overnight, Our Babble

Hard to believe we haven't been around for a year yet. Our readership continues to double every month and things are suddenly getting extra hectic around here! Thanks for checking us out, whether it be once or multiple times! We really appreciate it.

Ok. This has bothered me for years. I have a pinhole inside both corners of my lips. I make people show me their mouths all the time and no one else seems to have this. I can't be the only one!? Perhaps I should stick a rhinestone earring into each corner and see how it looks.

We got an email asking where larger sized music t-shirts can be purchased. For those of you looking for 2x, 3x, and 4x music tees & hoodies, Hot Topic carries these sizes. Their selection is limited genre-wise but it's a start...

We've written about this before - we've always been baffled why the more popular groups don't offer larger sizes. I'm sure that a band with a following like The Cure's, for example, could justify making a small run of larger shirts. Makes more sense than assuming everyone is going to start that diet. Damn. I'm thinking about Shake'N Bake porkchops again! How pathetic. - Stacy

4.19.07 Lydia Lunch Retrospective

Rock / Punk / Alternative (per her official MySpace)

'Deviations on a Theme: Retrospective' by Lydia Lunch is now available (Provocateur Media, '07):

Official description: "64 relentless tracks with no silence in between. 32 music, 32 edited spoken word tracks on 2 CDs presented in a theatrical experience!

ENHANCED FEATURES includes Quicktime film clip of live performance of an unreleased track, full bio, complete discography, pics, press quotes, and more!

Songs include collaborations with Nick Cave, JG Thirlwell, James Chance/The Contortions, The Anubian Lights, Rowland S. Howard, Glyn Styler, Kristian Hoffman, and Sonic Youth, among others."

4.18.07 Psychedelic Furs & ABC Tour

"After a show at the HOB in Chicago (6/29), the Psychedelic Furs will be headlining a tour with The Fixx and ABC beginning July 2nd through July 22. Full news on the rest of the dates to come very soon..." - Burned Down Days

4.17.07 Jack Penate

Alternative / Soul / Rockabilly

Now available! Jack Penate's 'Spit At Stars' EP:

Official message: "Available on 7" and cd, this self-produced EP features no fewer than five tracks, including the lead track and live favourite, 'Spit At Stars', along with 'My Yvonne' (featuring backing vocals from Adele), 'Didn't I', 'Cold Thin Line' and 'Jack of All Trades'.

His first single, 'Second, Minute or Hour', was released on the respected Young Turks label late-last year and sold out in a morning.

Available from Rough Trade and the XL Recordings web shop."

4.16.07 EGC & Caustic Cover Faith No More

Industrial / Electronica / Dutch pop

Official message: "For the next couple days (or whenever I remember to switch it) I'll have up the Everything Goes Cold (I collaborated on) cover of Faith No More's 'We Care A Lot', which I'm mighty happy with." - Matt (Caustic)

4.13.07 Redemption's Working On New Album

Gothic / Rock

Partial official description: "Redemption redeems the Goth Rock tradition started by the Sisters of Mercy and Mission UK. The deep vocals, hard guitars, and swirling synths over an electronic beat have already infected dance floors and radio world-wide. Their emotionally powerful ballads can bring the listeners to tears.

Formed in 1996 and surviving many lineup changes, Redemption is driven by the vision of front man and guitarist Miah. Joined by Ashe on guitar and Jesse on bass, the trio is poised to lead the Goth Rock revival."

Official news: "Redemption is hard at work in the studio writing and recording a new album to be released this year!"

4.12.07 We're Very Excited About Post Kapital

Alternative / New Wave / Rock

Official description: "Beginning in January of 2006, Post Kapital came to be when Austin Peter and Andres Gomez, of Veritas, came together with Nicole Baumgartner (Your Despondent Smile), for their first gig at the Grist Mill Cafe.

Influenced by the Post Punk and New Wave movement of the early 1980's, Post Kapital brings their own sound of electronic-indie rock to the table. The drumming of Austin Peter is reminiscent of Joy Division, which adds a fast pace and danceable beat. He also adds electronic rhythms and pads to give the music an electronic edge. Andres Gomez's simple yet distinct guitar riffs add everything from an eerie sound to a funk vibe, while his vocals complement, not overpower the music. Nicole Baumgartner comes in with synthesizer lines that give the songs a more full and intense sound that helps to give the group its style."

We are sooo digging PK's tunes! On their song, 'Conviction' you can hear just a little Xymox and Love & Rockets influence, and on 'Be Your Boy' you hear a little New Order. 'Lies' has a pinch of old Killing Joke and 'New Obsession' is well, just another contagious song!

4.11.07 Some Dark New Releases

Clan of Xymox 'Heroes'
Pre-order - iTunes digital single

Wumpscut 'Body Census'

God Module 'Let's Go Dark'

Funker Vogt 'Aviator'

Edge of Dawn 'Enjoy The Fall'

4.10.07 Amen Forced To Cancel UK Tour

Punk / Black Metal / Hardcore

Official bulletin: "This is a very hard and thankless task but we have to say again that the Amen Camp has been blighted by misfortune. It is against stiff and hardened protest from Casey that we have had to make a decision to again postpone Casey's forthcoming UK TOUR.

The tour which was due to commence on the 27th April has been postponed due to an unforeseen but potentially dangerous situation. Casey has been subject to a severe Pneumonia illness which is called 'walking pneumonia'. The problem is created by a severe strain on the bodies system allowing fluid to enter the lungs. It was following an intense session with his local Doctor that Casey had to be referred to the local Hospital. Though Casey has since lapsed into a state of convalescence, it was the considered opinion of not only his Doctor but also the Hospital that any form of physical stress would prove to be extremely harming."

4.9.07 Quebec City's Pascale Picard

Folk / Pop / Punk

Out now! Pascale Picard's 'Me, Myself & Us' (Label: Zone3 / DEP / Universal):

Partial official description: "Surfing with her guitar through 12 contemporary tracks that will either shake or comfort you - or both - Pascale Picard bursts onto the scene with the very personal me, myself & us. A strong and engaging first recording that will herald her arrival on the national scene: For the singer/songwriter there is no doubt that the success of the album is the pleasing outcome of the solid collaboration with her band."

You must check out her song, 'Annoying'.

4.6.07 Australia's Damn Arms

Other / Indie / New Wave

Damn Arms' new single 'Home Wrecker' will be "available for international order from the 21st of April."


1) Home Wrecker
2) Now That's A Reaction
3) I Sink, Therefore I Swam
4) The Cormorant (remix)

Check out their new music clips - it's great stuff!

4.5.07 What's New With Katatonia

Metal / Goth

Official message: "Katatonia's live performance from Germany's Summerbreeze open air festival 2006 will be released as a double disc live album/dvd entitled 'Live Consternation' on May 28th. The super jewelcase packaging will feature both the audio on cd and the show on dvd (incl both 2.0 and 5.1 versions).


4.4.07 The Fleshtones In Print

Garage / Pop

Coming sometime this Fall:

"One of the non-33 1/3 music books we'll be publishing in 2007 is Sweat by Joe Bonomo - an absolutely wonderful 400 page biography of The Fleshtones.

Sweat is an affectionate, gritty, and improbably moving, chronicle of three decades of near hits, near misses, drink, drugs, fallings in, fallings out, endless touring, misses, rebirths, and more misses.

In the words of Nick Tosches, "Joe Bonomo has written a fine book: a book not only about a band or times passed, but also about the rare virtue of endurance.""
- 33 1/3

4.3.07 Our Babble

Went to Chicago for a couple of days for work so no chance to work on the magazine. Am trying to catch up now; sorry!

I HAVE to vent about the straws from the Subway sandwich chains. Unless I use several teeth, it takes me like 10 minutes to open the plastic wrap around their flippin' straws. I've been dealing with these rebellious suckers for years and I guess my only alternative is to buy a box of unwrapped straws. I've had it!

I honestly don't even know what to say about what I have heard in regards to the documentary 'Zoo' that competed at the Sundance Festival. I am completely stunned and thoroughly disgusted. I certainly don't want to know about the life of a man who had a "fatal sexual encounter with a horse." What the f*&# is wrong with people and why would that kind of film make it into Sundance? When does art stop being art? I don't know, it's a fine line I guess.

Watch for future interviews with Catfish Haven and Justin Sullivan of New Model Army.

3.30.07 Kraftwerk Tribute Album

'8-Bit Operators - The Music of Kraftwerk', Various Artists:

Official message: "A labor of love, many years in the making, Astralwerks is pleased to present a various artist covers compilation, featuring interpretations of classic Kraftwerk songs, arranged primarily on lo-bit handheld gaming devices, vintage video game consoles and obsolete 8 bit home computers, revered for the rich and distinctive sound of their lo-bit microchips.

This video game-influenced branch of electronic music sometimes referred to as 'chiptune', 'bitpop' or just '8-bit', has developed a flourishing international live scene, and is one of the first new genres of music to use the internet to its fullest advantage, with the advent of home-brewed synth cartridges and hacker influenced musical tools."

3.29.07 Haley Bonar's On Tour

Indie / Alternative / Country

Official statements: "As for touring, we're going east in a few weeks for a short trip, and then to the west coast and down through Texas in May."

"Andrew Bird's new record is out this week, and I have the honor of singing on 4 songs on it!! Also, Chris Morrissey plays bass... we're both very happy with it. Check it out." - Haley Bonar

Current Tour Dates:

04/04 09:00 PM
Bear's Place Bar
1316 E. 3rd St.
Bloomington, Indiana

04/06 08:00 PM
Living Room
154 Ludlow
NYC, New York

04/07 08:00 PM
Luna Lounge
361 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, New York

04/10 08:00 PM
The Basement
391 Neil Ave.
Columbus, Ohio
$8 adv/ $10 dos
w/ Cloud Cult

04/17 08:00 PM
Duluth, Minnesota

04/21 08:00 PM
Varsity Theater Minneapolis, Minnesota

05/31 08:00 PM
Varsity Theater Minneapolis, Minnesota
w/ Jeremy Messersmith

3.28.07 Southern Culture On The Skids Contest

Rock / Garage / Surf

"Win a Danelectro pinstriped just like Rick's! No foolin'!

Southern Culture On The Skids is quite entertaining on their recent album, 'Countrypolitan Favorites'. Their versions of 'Rose Garden' and 'Oh, Lonesome Me' are especially fun and fabulous.

3.27.07 Black Strobe

Electro / Techno

Official message: "It will come as no surprise that Black Strobe recently completed their debut album with producers Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, The Rapture) and Alan Moulder (NIN, My Bloody Valentine) at the helm.

Fans will be able to hear 'Shining Bright Star', the first single to be taken from this album when it is released world wide on April 16th. Available on CD, 2x12" and download this single will come with 2 exclusive B-side and remixes from Oliver Huntemann, Zongamin and Black Strobe themselves."

3.26.07 Mystery Jets Update

Pop / Powerpop

Partial official message: "Hello hello... it is now time, the recording studio beckons us and then we descend into the land of late night music making and cheap takeaways (unless anyone on the ether net fancies popping in and making us pack lunches???).

So what have we been doing these two weeks past....its all been a bit of a blur really, up early everyday, sharing the tubes with grumpy commuters and old newspapers, arriving bug eyed at our rehearsal space, saying a passing hello to the family of Eastenders who run the place whilst trying desperately to avoid their salivating bulldog. Coffee breaks at the local caff, where we giggle about so and so's misadventures of the night before and haggle over who's paying for the tea round, and then of course we make our music.

We have written about 17 songs now, most of which are complete and ready in soundbyte form on Kai's laptop, and there are other lyrics and fragments of music too that will hopefully come to life in the studio.

We are touring America in a couple of months too (end of May) to promote the release of our American album (out on Dim Mak records) and say hello to all the people across the pond who might be into our music. The tour dates are up on our Myspace page and the album that we are releasing has a different tracklisting to the English one and different songs and artwork too... even a different album title, it's called 'Zoo Time'." Lots and lots of love from us, Mystery Jets

3.23.07 ROME

Gothic / Folk / Experimental

"ROME songs are full of citations, abstractions and ideals. The marching and counter-marching of doubtful armies luring our love away, with licit grace, icy and bitter irony. Gentle phantasms of desire. The reversal of sympathies. The aspects of eternity, spiritual hunger, treachery and corruption, shame and honour - being more than mere traps for the unsophisticated. These are some of ROME's interlocking themes in a world scorched by the wastefulness and cruelty of war." - CMI (per band's website)

There are elements in ROME's music that bring bands like Xymox and Swans of Avon to mind. Their songs are often stunningly gorgeous!
Music clips

3.22.07 A Couple Of Bands To Check Out

Indie / Alternative / Rock
Hails from: San Diego, CA

Their songs 'Fortress' and 'Loro' are absolutely gorgeous!

Wednesday 13
Rock / Punk / Gothic
Hails from: another planet

These guys totally rock and they are definitely a little disturbed - which we totally love about them! Check out their tunes and make sure to at least listen to 'Bad Things'.

3.21.07 Moros Eros = Amazing!

Indie / Rock / Experimental

Oh my God! How have we lived without Moros Eros in our lives??? These 4 guys from Georgia put out some awesome tunes!

Check out our favorites songs: 'Insane And Speechless', 'Today Is The Day', and 'Madness Seems So Normal' - all from their 2006 release, 'I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright' (Victory Records).

Upcoming Shows:

05/05/2007 07:00 PM
Bamboozle Festival
East Rutherford, New Jersey

05/24/2007 07:00 PM
The Social w/ Pretty Girls
Make Graves
and Moonrats Orlando, Florida

05/26/2007 08:00 PM
Spanish Moon w/ Pretty Girls
Make Graves and Moonrats
Baton Rogue, Louisiana

05/28/2007 08:00 PM
Emo's w/ Pretty Girls
Make Graves and Moonrats
Austin, Texas

05/29/2007 07:00 PM
Launchpad w/ Pretty Girls
Make Graves and Moonrats
Albuquerque, New Mexico

05/30/2007 08:00 PM
Club Room w/ Pretty Girls
Make Graves and Moonrats
Phoenix, Arizona

3.20.07 New Model Army In Studio

This is Stacy's (Babble and Beat) absolute favorite band of all time!

Partial official statements:

"On Tuesday 6th March the band entered the recording studio to start work on the follow up to 'Carnival'. The new material is being recorded by producer Chris Kimsey who re-mixed 'BD3' for the single release and was the producer of New Model Army's collaboration with Tom Jones on the charity single 'Gimme Shelter'."

"We expect to have the album ready for world-wide release at the end of the summer with an extensive tour to follow it up. Current plans for that period will put us in the US and Canada from mid September on (with Brazil - yes, we are still working on it - hopefully immediately beforehand) and Europe following on through October."

"So far no title has been confirmed."

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4.20.07 Jim Wurster:

Americana / Country / Alternative

Official message: "'Hallelujah', the new album from Jim Wurster is now available at CD Baby."

"Wurster contends that this new collection of songs is an outline of his platform for the 2008 presidential election. He has since announced that he is resurrecting the Populist Party of the late nineteenth century."

4.19.07 Want To Tour With The Divine Madness?:

Psychedelic / Classical / Gothic

Official message: "Additional musicians needed for tour!

We (The Divine Madness) are currently auditioning bassists and guitarists for a possible tour later this summer.

Also needed: string players or any unusual instrumentalists (ex / autoharp).

If you are in the LA area and are interested please." Cherio :)

4.18.07 Thirty Years Of Misfits:


This year marks 30 years of music from Misfits. Holy crap, time sure sneaks up on you! Also, their new and improved website is coming soon.

4.17.07 Pete Shelley Turns 30!:

Ok. Ok. He's not exactly turning "30"... but hey, it sounds good once you've passed it.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the amazing Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) and a big thanks for all of the great music so far and to come!

4.16.07 New Shriekback Just Around The Corner:

Experimental / Funk / Electronica

Shriekback's new album, 'Glory Bumps' (on Malicious Damage) will hit stores this June, possibly even this May!

4.13.07 New From Envelopes:

Indie / Pop Punk / Alternative

Official message: "Our new single 'Smoke In The Desert, Eating The Sand, Hide In The Grass' is out on April 30th on limited edition 7".

You can also watch our new video. Our favorite parts are: the moving sand. The stripes of sky. The blood vomiting dinosaur of course. The mirrors travelling sequences." - Envelopes

4.12.07 The Gathering w/ Lacuna Coil:

Rock / Alternative / Ambient

Official message: "The Gathering will tour as a support act with Lacuna Coil for about 2 weeks in the USA and Canada, starting half may. There are a lot of dates circulating on the internet. When we know them for sure we will post the dates.

4.11.07 Meat Puppets Are Back:

"Meat Puppets fan? Curt Kirkwood got the Puppets back together at South by Southwest this year, and we wanted to let everybody know!

Also, before you see them live, check out his solo album "Snow". Here is a link to hear some tracks..." - Little Dog Records

Per official Meat Puppets site, "As pretty much all MP fans know, the band is back in action! After a long hiatus the Kirkwood brothers are reuniting the Meat Puppets and planning a tour and cd release.

The original line-up will be slightly altered as drummer Derrick Bostrom will not be returning to the band. For now Ted Marcus will take his place! (welcome Ted!)"

There will be a new album out on July 17th. Here is their.

4.10.07 New Cruxshadows Song:

New Wave / Electronica / Gothic

Official message: "New song 'Birthday' uploaded. Check it out!" - Cruxshadows

4.9.07 Romance:

Post punk / New Wave / Gothic

Partial official description: "Combining the musical urgency and artistic ambition of their early post-punk predecessors, Romance creates a sound that is at once familiar and strikingly fresh. Their music blends dark, catchy and anthemic songs with an intelligent and unique ideology."

We love their song 'Paris is Burning'.

Romance was in the studio earlier this year to record some new material. So, watch for new tracks in the near future.

4.6.07 Get Your Lollapalooza (Chicago) Tix:

Official message: "Tickets On Sale Now! Get them now at Earlybird pricing ($165). Hurry. Look for the lineup April 12."

4.5.07 Happy Birthday:

Today is Paula Cole's birthday. Hey, she's cool for sure because she use to sing back-up for Peter Gabriel.

4.4.07 A Sad Day:

Tomorrow Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) will have been gone for 5 years now. We sure miss the guy.

4.2.07 Mick Harvey:

Alternative / Other

Watch Mick Harvey's video for 'Photograph'.

Watch for his upcoming album, 'Two of Diamonds', which is scheduled for release in Europe on April 23rd. Listen to some of his new music by visiting his official MySpace site.

3.30.07 Talk Talk:

Talk Talk's 'Natural History (The Very Best of Talk Talk)' has been reissued and includes a bonus DVD of music videos!

3.29.07 Deftones Pre-sale:

Metal / Rock / Experimental

Official message: "Check out pre-sale and on-sale information !" - Deftones

3.28.07 The Stranglers Are Not On MySpace:

"I categorically do not have or intend to have a My Space site. All such sites claiming to represent me are phoney.

It should be noted also that there is no official Stranglers MySpace site either. So, any views expressed on any MySpace sites that claim to belong to the band are not necessarily those of the Stranglers." - JJ

3.27.07 Billy Bragg Tea Towels & More:

Official message: "Tea towels featuring artwork from the Billy Bragg boxed sets, and four new sets of badges are available in the Billy Bragg Shop. We've also got stock of the popular Brewing Up With Billy Bragg tea mugs."

3.26.07 The Wedding Present's Complete John Peel Sessions:

Official message: "Sanctuary Records will be releasing all of The Wedding Present's sessions for the late John Peel on Monday 26 March 2007."

3.23.07 New Pimentola:

Industrial / Experimental / Ambient

On Pimentola's new realease, 'Misantropolis':

"An end of times sound-work ranging from martial neoclassical to drum n' bass and tripjazz. Paralyzing absinthe nightmares morphed with opiatic tunes of the orient." -Projekt

3.22.07 The Ponys:

Rock / Indie / Punk

'Turn the Lights Out', the new release from the Chicago band, The Ponys is available at fine record stores now.

3.21.07 The Mint Chicks:

Powerpop (per their website)

We love New Zealand's The Mint Chicks! Make sure to check out their songs 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!' and 'Walking Off A Cliff'.

3.20.07 Phantom Birthday:

The great Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats, Dead Men Walking) celebrates his Birthday today.

3.19.07 Ricky Wilson:

Ricky Wilson, formerly of the B-52's, was born on this day in 1953. Very sadly, he passed away in 1985.

Birth, School, Work, Death

The Godfathers' 'Birth, School, Work, Death' album was originally released in 1988. Their title song was a big hit in the U.S.

In 1997 Kris Dollimore (lead guitar for Godfathers) became a member of Del Amitri but left in 2002. Kris and Peter Coyne (vocals for Godfathers) reuinited when they both joined The Germans.

Kris Dollimore is still on the scene, now specializing in Blues. BTW - Did you know that Kris has worked with Adam Ant?

Peter Coyne told Babble and Beat on 4.10.07, "You might be interested to learn that The Godfathers' debut album 'Hit By Hit' will be reissued later this year in an expanded format."

He also mentioned in regards to Kris, "I am now his's a long story!!"

4.20.07 Client's New Wheels:

Electronica / Alternative / Pop

Official message: "Dear clientelles and client! The new single 'Drive' is now available in the UK - digitally and on 12" with some exclusive mixes.

Order your 12" single from HMV. Drive 'drive' to feel I'm alive!" Client

4.16.07 New From Suzanne Vega:

Pop / Folk

Official message: "Hi everyone, the first single from my upcoming album, 'Beauty & Crime', called 'Frank & Ava' has just been posted on my profile.

You can also stream it from the newly updated official website. Look for more exclusive streams on the website in the coming weeks! Hope you enjoy." - Suzanne Vega

4.11.07 New Jesus and Mary Chain Website:

The Jesus and Mary Chain's official and new website is up - but it's still under construction.

4.2.07 The Cure's Big News:

Official message: "Official! We are headlining the Fuji Festival July 2007."

3.30.07 Open Road Love Affair:

Folk Rock / Indie / Funk

Official description: "It began upon the burning ashes of a freak show melt down... all that was left? A donkey, some carnies, a busted guitar, and... Gypsy George. From that point forward, the road trip ensued and has not stopped since. In the immortal words of the great Gypsy, "Driving all alone on the open road and my car knows where to go. The Mississippi glows like a one night show as the wind begins to blow. People twist like clouds through my mind, oh why? I say, I hope that their smiles will never fade away! My, my! I hope I never die..."

Not completely sure what it is about Open Road Love Affair but we like them. Imagine They Might Be Giants meets Wall of Voodoo and then throw in a crack pipe.

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